1971 Super Bee

The Super Bee underwent drastic exterior changes in 1971. It moved from the previous Coronet body style to join ranks with the Dodge Charger lineup. It was still marketed as a lower-cost, yet high-performance package on a relatively stripped-down model. Included standard was the 383 Magnum engine rated at 300bhp, heavy-duty suspension, bee decals and the blacked-out power bulge hood.

As it appeared on the cover of the May 2007 issue of Hemmings Motor News magazine, Autoworld replicated this Super Bee in FC7 plum Crazy paint, with the optional painted front and rear bumpers, and 440 Six Pack under the hood.

Auto World did a pretty nice job replicating this model but as it has been noted on many forums the scale version was produced without the front spoiler. This to some collectors is considered a must have. Not sure if this was just an oversight or packaging issue as the marketing photos clearly showed the spoiler being present prior to release.

While doing research on this model prior to doing photos I was able to acquire a back issue of the May 2007 “Hemmings Motor News” which features the car that was used for replication. I added this and one more Item which I feel made a very nice display as shown in the featured photo.

Stock Number: AMM 1056/06
Release Date: June 2006
Color: Plum Crazy
Engine: 440 Six Pack
Transmission: 4-Speed
Produced by: Autoworld