Minolta X-700

The X-700 was marketed as a professional tool, as it incorporated features one would expect from a professional camera of the era, including TTL flash, exposure lock, and interchangeable screens.

The Minolta X-700 was the last high specification manual focus body manufactured by the company before the introduction of its revolutionary autofocus body the 7000. Beginning in 1981, the X-700 was launched as a state of the art SLR camera, boasting an enormous array of accessories which together comprised the “Minolta Program System”. Undoubtedly the most successful Minolta camera since the SRT era, the X-700 was awarded “European Camera of the Year” in 1981.

Type: 35mm SLR
Lens Mount: Minolta SR
Focus: Manual
Exposure: Automatic program and aperture priority
Flash: Hot shoe / PC terminal
Status: In Collection

Information source: Rokkorfiles.com